Authentic, Traditional Thai Massage & Spa

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Luxurious and Restful
When I walk out from a Thai massage with Thai Touch, I feel like I’ve left all the stress from the office on the floor without any pain or discomfort. An hour with in there is relaxing, luxurious and restful. I highly recommend it!
~ AJ Clarke
Perfect Deep Massage
The perfect balance of deep massage and stretching! The Thai massage leaves me feeling relaxed, limber and energized all at the same time.
~ H Bradley
Engaging and Relaxing
My visits to Thai Touch are unlike anything I have ever experienced before. The intense breathing turned a passive massage into a three hour journey through my body, deeply engaging and relaxing at the same time.
~ L Singh
Delighted with the Results
I would highly recommend Thai Touch massage. Having a history of a herniated disc, I was apprehensive to put my back through something new; but was delighted with the results. There was a definite reduction in my pain and tightness in my back and an overall relief of congestion in my joints.
~ P Shinawatra