Authentic, Traditional Thai Massage & Spa

Massage can help harmonise your body and mind and is a truly revitalising and comfortable way to relax. Massage in so many ways can have a positive influence on your health and sense of well-being and can be enjoyed by women and men of all ages.

Massage therapy has many other benefits and our therapists can offer you a variety of massage styles and techniques including Traditional Thai Massage and Thai Oil Massage. Depending on your personal preference we can adjust our massage technique and in particular the hand or ‘stroking’ pressures to be either gentle, moderate or deep.

Thai massage is an ancient technique based in original massage science and works by pressure being applied in order to relax you, relieve pain and strain, headache and migraine, stiff neck, stiff shoulders, stiff knees, etc. Thai massage can passively exercise the body and traditional Thai Massage techniques form the basis of many other massage styles.
“Sneha” hot candle massage is a type of oil massage long performed in Thailand though in fact it originated from India. The candle warmed oils, poured gently onto the body are deeply absorbed to moisturise the skin and help increase firmness.

Relaxed blood circulation is stimulated throughout the body, and muscles relax from the fatigues and stiffness of the day providing a luxurious relief from tensions and stress. An ultimate relaxation experience.

Oil massage uses very gentle techniques combined with the use of “essential” oils. During the massage the oils are applied to the skin and in combination with gentle strokes and hand pressures are eased over points and surfaces of the body.

You will feel gently relaxed and aromatic. Thai oil massage is pleasant to your skin and your whole body should feel comfortable and beautifully relaxed after your massage is complete.

Foot Massages reach the pressure points on the feet that stimulate associated areas throughout the body. Each point or area on the foot is believed to link to and stimulate important areas and organs of the body, stimulating their healthy activity.

Foot massage is a special technique undertaken by skillful therapists. Before treatment, the feet are first bathed using warm soothing waters that have been infused with wood stick balms and oils.

A full body massage that can help loosen and relax tired and tight muscles, soothe sore and aching muscles, increases circulation and enhances muscle tone and skin texture.
A soothing relaxing head massage.
We massage your back, shoulder, neck and head. A relaxing massage releasing tension to relieve stress and muscle ache.
A full body massage using aroma therapy oil blends applied to the body that will relax your muscles, relieve strained muscles, increase circulation and soothes the body, mind and soul. You can select your own choice of oil aroma.
Herbal Massage is very similar to the Thai Massage style, however, it also includes the use of a steamed bag of medicinal Thai herbs. It is good for your blood circulation, pain and strain. The warm steamed bag contains several local herbs authentically prepared to ensure an excellent quality product.