Authentic, Traditional Thai Massage & Spa

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At Thai Touch we have created a soothing and comfortable atmosphere to completely unwind your stresses and the pressures of your busy life style. You do not need to travel miles away to experience a traditional Thai massage.

At Thai Touch we have brought a touch of Thailand here to Wales. Thai Yoga Massage is one of our main services and is known as “Nuad Pan Bo ran”.

It is a unique and traditional healing massage that has been practiced in Thailand for centuries. The style is unique to Thailand and involves the application of palms, elbows, and thumbs onto the body’s energy meridian.

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It combines the use of gentle, yoga-based stretches with sensitive acupressure creating a powerful transforming sensation to enhance your mood and well being. The treatment is given through a loose comfortable cloth whilst lying on a padded floor mat.



This unique and effective traditional Thai Massage technique has numerous benefits:
• Increases flexibility and range of movement
• Eliminates or reduces muscle pain and muscle spasms
• Improves postural alignment
• Calms the nervous system promoting a deep sense of relaxation but with increased energy levels that promote significant release of deep emotional distress
• Stimulate blood circulation and lymph drainage
• Stimulate internal organs
• Relieves fatigue, swollen limbs, painful joints and headaches